Business Immigration

If you are looking forward to establish your existing business operations in Canada while making way for acquiring Permanent Residence then Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) Program is the most suitable for you. This program allows highly skilled foreign workers to work temporarily in Canada. If your current company has a branch/affiliate in Canada then you can migrate to this country as an Intra-Company Transferee (ICT). This Canada immigration path is counted under International Mobility Program and has a streamlined process when compared to other immigration pathways.

Eligibility for Intra-Company Transfer Program

  • The company in the home country must be ideally functional for 3 years and must be financially sound to run its operations in Canada
  • The original company must be associated with the Canadian company as a parent, affiliate or subsidiary.
  • You must be employed with the original company for a minimum of 12 months in the past 3 years

It is to be noted that there are 3 defined categories under ICT program, one of which you must fall under namely Executive, Senior Manager and Specialized Knowledge. To ascertain which category you belong to and understand the corresponding criteria for eligibility, you must seek guidance of our expert immigration consultants Canada. They will patiently explain the eligibility criteria and will support you throughout the application process.

Documents required for Intra-Company Transfer Program

  • Application forms duly signed for the LMIA exempt work permit
  • A business plan justifying your application for ICT program
  • An offer of employment- You can submit this letter through the employer portal
  • Proof of current employment
  • Letter of invite from the Canadian company where you plan to work

What are the advantages of Intra-Company Transfer Program?

  • Career enhancement- No wonder, visiting Canada will bring you an ample of career advancement opportunities as you will work in diverse work environments, taking up new challenges and learning from them.
  • Knowledge transfer- Since you will be migrating to a foreign workplace with your unique skill-set, you will be transferring your skills to your new colleagues leading to skill development within the company.
  • Cultural exchange- As you are going to reside in Canada for a good period of time, you will experience a myriad of cultures and business practices, which in turn, will boost cross-cultural understanding within the organization.
  • Work stability- Well, when your organization values your skills and offers enticing opportunities in a foreign country, it is sure that you wouldn’t want to leave the company. Further, work stability will lead to your mental well-being.

If you’re still finding the Intra-Company Transfer Program process confusing, don’t worry! Our team is right here to assist you every step of the application process. Feel free to reach out to us without any hesitation. We’ll understand your needs and guide you through the process.

Start-Up Visa Program is ideal for you if you are planning to initiate a business venture in Canada. Notably, this program provides a pathway to permanent residence and allows up to 5 individuals to apply as owners of a single business. The only condition to receive permanent residency status is that you must live in Canada for 2 years in the last 5 years and it will not be affected even if your business set-up is unsuccessful.  

Eligibility for Start-Up Visa Program

  • You must have a qualifying business
  • Receive a letter of support from any designated organization or a business group that is eligible to support start-ups
  • You must have an ability to speak, write, listen and write either English or French. It is inevitable to meet the minimum level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5.
  • The applicant must be financially stable enough to support yourself and new start-up visa immigrants.

Documents required for Start-Up Visa Program

  • A copy of valid passport
  • A copy of birth certificate and marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Original police clearance certificate
  • Medical certificate of fitness
  • Letter of support of a designated company
  • Valid bank account statement
  • A concrete proof of your net worth
  • An affidavit of support for dependants (if any)
  • Declaration of your source of funds

While you file your application, you are likely to come across many more documents that are required to be filled and signed by you. At any point of time, you feel stuck and confused, our team of immigration professionals is available to provide guidance and assistance.

The Valuable Benefits of Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program

  • Entrepreneurial pathway- Start-up Visa Program provides a golden opportunity to establish your business in Canada, which further will allow you to grow business connections.
  • Access to Canada’s capital- Initiating a business in this country will give you an access to all Canadian funding sources and you can reach potential investors to invest in your business.
  • Economic contribution- As you will establish your business, new jobs will be created in the market. Thus, you will provide employment opportunities in the society and will remarkably contribute to Canada’s economy.
  • Security & stability- Your business operations will take place within a secure and stable environment, which will consequently ensure a smooth and reliable foundation for all your activities.

In case, you find yourself in troubled waters, our immigration consultants Canada will provide you a peace of mind. They will help you overcome all the challenges during the application process, optimize your chances of success and will minimize all delays. Our experts will adhere to all legal requirements so that, your application is not rejected at any cost. So, its time that you must reach out to us without keeping any second thoughts. We are waiting to serve you!

The C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit provides foreign entrepreneurs and investors an opportunity to obtain a Canadian work permit under the self-employed category. This permit falls under the International Mobility Program (IMP). Initially, the work permit is given for two years and then entrepreneurs can get it extended as many times as they want. The only pre-requisite is that your business must be running in full swing and profitable.

Eligibility for Self-Employed Persons Visa (C11) 

  • Entrepreneurs- Being an entrepreneur with enough finances to buy and operate a business in Canada without being dependant on the Canadian government can apply for it.
  • Self-employed individuals- If you are self-employed in your home country and wish to set up your work in Canada then you are legally eligible for this visa.
  • Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneur Stream Candidates- Those who have been chosen under one of many provincial nominee programs of Canada can apply for this visa.

When talking about the businesses that are eligible for    the C11 entrepreneur work permit, it includes both seasonal and non-seasonal businesses. Seasonal businesses include Personal Trainers, Coaches, Lawn Care, Movers & Packers, Outdoor Adventure, Chimney Sweeper And Halloween & Christmas Merchandise Retailers To Mention a Few. Further, Non-Seasonal Business Industries Comprise Tourism, Mining, Life Sciences, Robotics & Industrial Automation, Financial Services, It, Aerospace and others. Feel free to contact us for comprehensive information on the various business types eligible for the C11 work permit. We’ll provide detailed insights and guidance on all qualifying business categories.

 What are the Perks of Canada’s Self-Employed Persons Visa (C11)

  • Funding support not required- When compared to other business immigration visas, this visa does not require any fund support from a designated Canadian agency.
  • No minimum net worth demand- The amount you wish to invest, as much or as little, totally depends on you. In fact, no high net worth is required for this visa.
  • Quick PR eligibility- You can work autonomously within your business and become eligible to apply for permanent residence within just one year.
  • Family accompanied- Well, with C11 work permit, your spouse and children can also accompany you to Canada. Moreover, your spouse can apply for open work permit while children can go for a study permit. The entire family will further have complete access to the province’s healthcare facilities.

 Why you must hire our immigration consultants to acquire Self-Employed Persons Visa (C11)?

The foremost reason is that with us, you will receive tailored guidance, based on your specific requirements & expectations. Our experts will ensure  smoother progression through the immigration procedure and assist you in overcoming hurdles effectively. You will get absolute peace of mind while being guided and supported by our experienced immigration consultants Canada. Contact us today!

Canada’s Provincial Entrepreneurs Programs are initiatives enforced by individual provinces to support entrepreneurs desiring to settle in a specific province. These programs differ across provinces and serve as a notable pathway to obtain Canadian permanent residency. Here, each province crafts its program aligning with its development goals and offer an array of streams/categories to the entrepreneurs. Provinces prioritize and support these entrepreneurs due to their substantial contributions to the local economy.

 Documents required for Provincial Entrepreneur Programs

  • A proof of business ownership- This is applicable if you are planning to purchasing an existing business
  • Language proficiency test results
  • If you are a business owner, then business registration license, employment reference letters, list of employees, income tax returns and proof of shareholding.
  • If you are an investor, then a concrete business plan and net worth report.
  • Valid passport (including your family’s passport if they are accompanying)
  • Education credentials (Canadian/foreign)
  • Photographs and T4 statements (if applicable)

You are likely to come across other documents beyond those mentioned above while filing your application for Provincial Entrepreneur Programs. So, you must not be daunted with those, instead, reach out to our experts immediately. They will make the entire formalities and paperwork easier for you to understand.

Exploring the Benefits of Provincial Entrepreneur Programs

  • Business support – As an entrepreneur, you will have the opportunity to tap into mentorship programs, provincial networks and other business development resources, leading to your both business and personal growth.
  • Long-term assurance- Setting up a business in a specific province will help you gain trust and business of other existing businessmen in that region. As a result, you will be able to innovate and thrive better, bringing you more stability & security.
  • Access to education- While in Canada, you will get access to esteemed educational institutions within that particular province to enhance your skill-set and promote continuous learning.
  • Access to tech-centers- You will get access to the province’s technology centers and innovation hubs, which will benefit your business especially if it’s technology oriented.

Reasons to Consider Our Immigration Consultants for Provincial Entrepreneur Programs

Now that you know the prominent advantages of Provincial Entrepreneur Programs, you must work towards the processing your application. As far as complexities are concerned, our team of adept immigration consultants Canada are here to tackle that all. They will meticulously prepare the documents required and will guide you in identifying various immigration avenues as per your specific needs. With this, our crew stays abreast of all the changes in policies and keeps you informed about how it is going to affect your application. So, what makes you wait further? Call us right away and settle all your doubts and queries related to the Provincial Entrepreneur Programs.

Owner Operator LMIA is a special program that allows foreign nationals to establish or acquire a business in Canada. Moreover, it grants them score extra points for the IRCC Express Entry system, enhancing their prospects of getting an invitation to apply for permanent residence by the Canadian government. The objective of this program is to foster economic growth by inviting foreign investment and job creation in Canada. Also, it helps the entrepreneurs to attain Canadian permanent residency through different immigration streams.

 Requirements to qualify for Owner Operator LMIA

  • Possess a solid and stable business plan
  • Having a management record that can be verified
  • Proficient in either English or French (Canada’s official languages)
  • Assurance that your business will create employment opportunities
  • Need to be a majority shareholder being a sole proprietor (more than 50% are non-transferable)
  • Sufficient funds to purchase a business in Canada

Note: Your LMIA application will be right away rejected if your business plan appears weak, account statements reflect low funds, or insufficient research on the business that you have planned to acquire, or leaving the application incomplete. Moreover, you will have to face a setback and probability of rejection of your application will increase if you will hire unlicensed & inexperienced immigration consultants. So, be wise while you go ahead with the Owner Operator LMIA.

What is the Cost of Purchasing an LMIA in Canada?

The expense of an LMIA application fluctuates based on the LMIA type, job location, and industry. The employer bears the LMIA application fee, set at CAD $1,000. Furthermore, additional expenses may include advertising, recruitment, and immigration costs.

 Benefits of Owner Operator LMIA

  • Work permit- Acquiring a work permit under this program will become easier for you once you are able to present a solid business plan.
  • Business flexibility- Owner Operator LMIA program gives you a flexibility to change your business and even buy another business after entering in Canada. With this, you also get a flexibility to select a city,not restricted to selecting a particular province.
  • Permanent residency- While you are in first year of your work in Canada, you can apply for permanent residency if you have immediate family members there
  • Language flexibility- This program does not demand a language certificate upright at the time of filing an application. You can present it after landing in Canada.

How can Bluewater Global Immigration can help?

 You must know that we are professional and renowned immigration consultants for a reason. Our team of experts is completely dedicated to guiding you in finding a suitable business for acquisition in Canada. Right from assisting you in forming the corporation to helping you fulfil the entire formalities of LMIA application, we will handle every step of the way. All you have to do is to reach us, convey your requirements and expectations and sit back & relax. Bluewater Global Immigration will make it happen for you!